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SSAS Case Study

SSAS Case Study

​Please note: This case study is not based on real life events and is intended to demonstrate how a SSAS cash account can be used in a specific scenario. Your returns on your investment may vary depending on the amount you invest and the rate applicable on the account at the time.

Julie is the Managing Director of a limited company and has an existing pension worth approximately £300,000 invested with a leading pension provider which allows her to pick and choose which stocks and shares she invests in. Over the last few months, share prices have been particularly volatile which has been reflected in the fluctuating value of her pension. 

As Julie hopes to retire within the next few years, she would like to reduce the risk that this type of pension account encompasses and move away from a fund based pension. However, her current provider will not allow her access to any SSAS deposit account.

After conducting some research of her own and speaking to an Independent Financial Advisor, Julie decides to take advantage of Teachers Building Society’s 90 day SSAS cash deposit account, which will help her preserve her capital up until her upcoming retirement and avoid the uncertainty of the stocks and investment market. She sets up a SSAS at her company and she and 3 other Directors decide to transfer pension funds over to Teachers Building Society.

After investing £300,000 into this SSAS deposit account for three years with Teachers Building Society at a rate of 0.80%, Julie’s pension pot will have grown to £307,200. Despite the fact that Julie had to pay an exit charge from her existing pension provider, she is satisfied with her decision to make the move as she now has the deposit account investments she wanted and can relax until she will retires. The new SSAS account with Teachers Building Society also guarantees that Julie’s pension cannot fall in value, which was her main concern, whilst accruing some interest between now and retirement.

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