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UK household bills soar by £280 in 2017

Jan 04, 2018

Household bills 04-01-17

Energy bills have seen the most dramatic price hike, as customers have paid on average over £200 more than the previous year. The average bill is now £1,625 – an increase of almost a fifth (17%) on the 2016 figure of £1,383.

Research by reveals that household bills increased by £280 in 2017, while the costs for energy, motor and home insurance have risen by 13% over the past year from £2,216 to £2,502, leaving consumers £286 out of pocket.

  • UK households now pay an average of 13% more on household bills than they did in 2016
  • The average energy bill rose by over £240 to £1,625 in 2017, an increase of 14% on last year
  • Wales is the worst affected region, where household bills have increased by £500

Household Bill 
 Energy  £1,625.45  £1383.59  £1,289.36
 Car  £735.36  £691.85  £595.06
 Home  £141.43  £140.58  £135.46
 Total £2502.25   £2216.01  £2019.88

Some regions have been hit worse than others. Wales has experienced the highest price increases in the UK over the course of 2017. Household bills soared by £500, with energy bills increasing by a huge £458. Scotland too has also seen large bill increases, with costs rising by 15%, rising to £2,317.87.

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