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Existing Customers

"I’ve never had to worry because I know that as soon as something changes or is soon to change, Teachers will get in contact with me. I don’t have to give any of my time to worrying about it, meaning I’m able to give my time to my son, my job and the things that really matter.”

Lorna Harratt-Jones, Lutterworth

Moving Home

If you're moving home, you have the option to keep your current mortgage deal or take out a brand new mortgage, whatever suits you best.

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Switching Deals

Coming to the end of your mortgage deal? Give us a call to find out which new deals will be available to you.

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Additional Borrowing

Do you need extra funds for home improvements or capital raising? Talk to us about a further advance.

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Changes To Your Existing Mortgage

If you're looking to make changes to your current mortgage, such as changing your term or including, adding or removing a borrower, please contact a member of our team.

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Payment Difficulties

We understand that everyone's circumstances can change and that meeting your monthly commitments can sometimes be difficult. Please talk to us if you are experiencing any difficulty in paying your mortgage, or if you think you may have problems doing so in the near future.

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How much could you borrow?

Use our handy mortgage calculator to find out how much we may be able to lend you and which ​mortgages may be available to you. 

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