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Recommend a Friend Terms & Conditions

1. This offer gives both a recommender and recommended friend a payment for each qualifying recommendation made on or after 26 March 2018.
2. We limit the number of payments we make to a recommender and you’ll find these details in the payment section below.
3. We may change, extend or withdraw this offer at any time and without letting you know.
4. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any of our other product rewards offers, or procuration or introducer fees, with the exception of our £100 cashback offer for NEU (National Education Union) members.
5. This offer is not available to Teachers Building Society employees.
6. Recommender: To qualify for this offer the recommender must:
- Be 18 years or over and hold either a Teachers Building Society mortgage or savings account in their own name or jointly with another member.
 - Recommend a Friend by following the Recommend a Friend instructions at
- Not recommend themselves to Teachers Building Society.
- Complete a Recommend a Friend form that they will need to give to the friend they are recommending.
 - Complete a separate recommendation form for each friend they’re recommending.
7. Recommended Friend: To qualify for this offer, the recommended friend needs to complete the Recommend a Friend form online or by post and send it in an envelope to FREEPOST, Teachers Building Society, Allenview House, Hanham Road, Wimborne BH21 1BR
- We will only accept one recommendation form for the recommended friend even if the friend is recommended by more than one recommender.


8. If all the conditions above are met and the recommended friend takes out a new mortgage with Teachers Building Society, we’ll pay the recommender and the recommended friend the offer payment within 30 days of completion of the mortgage.
If the recommender manages the qualifying account as a third party, such as an attorney or receiver, we’ll send the payment to the member.
9. The payment will be in the form of a gift card or shopping voucher for each party.
10. There’s no limit to the number of friends a recommender can recommend and each recommended friend will qualify for a payment if they meet the conditions. However, we’ll only pay the recommender for the first 5 eligible recommendations they make in any one calendar year.
11. The recommended friend is entitled to only one payment even if they take out more than one mortgage with Teachers Building Society.
12. Joint mortgage accounts only qualify for one payment for each mortgage taken out with us. So, if the recommended friend completes on a joint mortgage with us, only one offer payment will be made to the recommender and the recommended friend.