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Martin Reed at Bournemouth & Poole NUT Meeting

Mar 15, 2010

Martin Reed, President of the National Union of Teachers (NUT), addressed the Annual General Meeting of the Bournemouth & Poole NUT associations with a powerful call for the right of all children to receive a good, free education.

Martin, also non-executive director of Wimborne-based Teachers Building Society, highlighted the need to invest in education even during tough economic times.

“The recession has been deep but I urge people involved in education and in the wider community to continue to support investment in schools and teaching in order to ensure a long-term recovery,” Martin says. “Education is an important force of social change and we all have a responsibility to provide young people with free and properly resourced schooling.”

Martin also commented on the concern of Local Education Authority schools moving either through Trusts or Academies to private enterprise and the consequent threat to teachers’ pay, conditions and pensions.

Organised by David Morgan and Paul Miles of the Bournemouth NUT Division, the meeting, which was held at the Wessex Hotel on Wednesday 3rd March, was attended by 40 local teachers.

Paul also considers the threat posed by Academies and Trust schools to our locally accountable free education service to be very worrying. “Whereas for many generations schools and teachers have placed their children’s education as of paramount importance, these new models of educational management place financial profit above the needs of learners. In the long term this may well lead to reduced choice for parents and situations in which there is reduced provision for those pupils who are disadvantaged in any way.”

David says, “We were delighted that Martin Reed was able to attend our AGM and he gave an inspirational speech. Teachers are under a great deal of pressure with SATs tests and an increasing amount of administration, and it’s good to be reminded why we do what we do and that we play a key role in shaping future society.”

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