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Two thirds of top 50 areas for the best places to live in southern England

Dec 18, 2017


More than two-thirds (35) of the top 50 best places to live in the UK are in southern England, with 17 in the South East, a further nine areas in the East of England, five in the South West and four in London. These included
Wokingham (6th), Waverley (7th), Uttlesford (11th), Westminster (13th), South Oxfordshire (14th), St Albans (15th) and Chiltern (19th).

The remaining 15 are in Yorkshire and the Humber (6), West Midlands (4) the East Midlands (2), Scotland, Wales and the North West (all 1).These areas include the North Yorkshire districts of Craven (8th), Richmondshire (9th),Ryedale (12th), Stratford upon Avon (10th), Harrogate (27st) and Monmouthshire (32nd).

According to the Halifax Quality of Life Survey, there is a clear distinction in key strengths between areas in the South and the North. Local authority districts in the South are particularly strong in the labour market due to high employment levels and average earnings, on long life expectancy and where adults rates themselves to be in good health. Geography also benefits these areas with more hours of sunshine and less rainfall.

In the North, most areas have relatively better housing affordability conditions with a low house price to earnings ratio. They also benefit from the urban environmental factors such as low traffic flows, crime rates and fewer people per square kilometre – which in turn could explain why they have very low average primary school sizes.

In the ONS personal well-being survey there is less of a distinction, though Craven in North Yorkshire comes out top in three of the four indicators.

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