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Buying a home in a national park will cost an extra £116,500

Nov 28, 2017


Homes in national parks attract a premium of £116,501, according to new research from Lloyds Bank. House prices in the twelve national parks surveyed are, on average, £116,501 above the average for their surrounding county - a house price premium of 46%.

The majority (11 of 12) of national parks have higher house prices than the average for their county, with four – the New Forest, the South Downs, the Peak District and the Lake District - attracting a premium in excess of £150,000.

The average house price in a national park of £368,804 is 11.7 times higher than local average gross annual earnings. The comparable ratio for England and Wales as a whole is 8.0.

Figures showed that the New Forest is the most expensive national park with the average house price coming in at £581,448, 15.2 times local gross average annual earnings. South Downs is the second least affordable with an average house price to earnings ratio of 14.9, followed by the Lake District (11.5).

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