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Where are Britain’s most hawk-eyed residents?

Nov 07, 2017


Homeowners in Bedford are the most ‘hawk-eyed’ in Britain, according to Zoopla’s latest research.

Zoopla found that residents in the Bedfordshire commuter town are most likely to keep the closest tabs on what's happening to their own property’s value. In fact they check it 67% more times than the average Brit. Zoopla also delved into its wealth of data to find out where Britain’s most curious neighbours live. And it has revealed that, for the second year in a row, Reading has tipped the 'nosey-ometer'.

Residents of the Berkshire town check out how neighbouring properties are performing value-wise 61% more frequently than the average homeowner.

Zoopla’s spokesperson, Lawrence Hall said that being so curious was beneficial, particularly for those considering moving house, as they would benefit from first-hand knowledge of their local market.

He said: “Homeowners in Bedford and Reading clearly have their finger on the pulse and are keeping an eye on developments not only within their own four walls, but also over the fence.”

At the other end of the spectrum is Middlesbrough where homeowners are most ambivalent in regards to what's happening to the value of their own homes and those in the local area.

Curiosity also depends on the local market: Zoopla found that the higher the average property value in an area, the greater the level of interest.

For example, the average property price of the top 10 most 'hawk-eyed' towns is £319,080 – almost twice the value of those in the bottom 10 (£162,817). Of those ranked in the top 10, seven have experienced property price rises, which might explain why people keep such a close eye on values.

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