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E-Newsletters from Teachers Building Society

Jul 27, 2017



Unfortunately, scam emails are becoming more and more common and it’s often difficult to spot the difference between real emails and fake emails requesting your information. We all need to be vigilant in protecting ourselves online, so here we provide advice on spotting a real email newsletter from Teachers Building Society.

We send out email newsletters once a month – these contain useful information and stories which may be of interest to our members and subscribers. An example of our email newsletter can be seen in the header at the top of the page.

Data Requests
We will never request sensitive information from you in an email, such as pin numbers or answers to your security questions. We will never send you emails which alert you to any account problems and require immediate action with a link in an email. We never request any personal banking passwords or login details.

Website and Email Details
Links in our emails will take you to our website, starting with: 

Our sender email address for our e-newsletters is:

Contact Numbers
Our phone numbers are prominently displayed at the top of our main communication emails and web pages. They are: 0800 378 669 for mortgage enquiries and 0800 783 2367 for savings enquiries.  If you have any doubts regarding an email you have received from us, you can call us to confirm its authenticity.

Member Log-in page
In some of our emails you can click through to the ‘My Accounts’ homepage: From this page you can click through to our secure login page which features a padlock image in the website address bar. This secure login page will start with https.  Never enter your login details into a page without this secure verification.

We never send email newsletters with anything attached. We will only have information contained within an email, which will a link through to our website directly. Any application forms, guides and useful documents can be downloaded directly from our website.

What Other Kind of Emails Do We Send?
Alongside our monthly email newsletters, we occasionally send out emails to our members about new savings products and special events taking place - such as our AGM and AGM Voting.

If you make an enquiry with Teachers Building Society which requires a response then a member of staff may email to help you with this enquiry directly.

Individual Staff Emails
If you are exchanging emails with a member of staff then these email addresses will always end with If you receive an email from a member of staff and you are not expecting it then you can check its authenticity by calling one of our Freephone numbers.

If you are corresponding with an individual member of staff, they may attach relevant documentation for you. If you are not expecting any communication or attachments, you can call the main phone number to confirm.

E-newsletter infographic

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