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End of Term Inspiration for Teachers

Jun 02, 2017


There are only a few weeks left this term and another school year will be over – or the first year for many NQTs. For some students concentration can start to waiver in the last few weeks of school and you may not want to start a new topic. So, here is some end of term inspiration for teachers.

Here’s a 5 minute assembly plan from Teacher Toolkit for the end of term assembly. This assembly can be adapted to suit any age and the resource can be modified to suit your own school, the students and latest news events.

Fun Quiz
Looking for something fun that still challenges and keeps your pupils thinking?  The TES has a range of end of term quizzes to keep students of all ages entertained and intrigued! 

Fun Maths Learning
From strategy games to paper construction fun, there are a range of ‘fun’ activities for younger students that will still get your pupils’ mathematical brains working – from

Maths Games for Older Students
Here is a range of fun activities for older students from Resourceaholic – from maths crosswords to polygon word searches.

Fun English Games
From trapped nouns to the quest of comma castle, try these fun games for 7-11 year olds from Top Marks to get their minds thinking about spelling, punctuation and grammar.

Last Lesson Ideas for Secondary Students
Collins provides some last lesson ideas for older students – from Pictionary to ‘advice for next year’s students’ lists. 

Certificates, Posters and Stickers
For younger students, Twinkl has a range of certificates and stickers for rewarding pupils at the end of term – from ‘super listener’ certificates to ‘thank you’ posters.

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