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Guide to a Stress-Free Move

May 22, 2017

Moving home can be a stressful experience – but with some preparation, you can make the move smoother and calmer for everyone involved. Here, we take a look at what you can do to prepare for your house move.

Months Before Move Day
The months and weeks leading up to move day is the perfect time to sort through your loft, cupboards and drawers – have a good sort out and if you don’t need it then throw it out. The less stuff you have to pack, the quicker and easier packing will be.

Collect Boxes
You’ll need lots of boxes to pack up your belongings into if you are not using a removal firm to pack for you. Start collecting boxes from friends, family and supermarkets so you don’t run out closer to the day. You’ll need lots or parcel tape and labels too.

Weeks Before Move Day:
Book time off and van hire
Once you have a move-date then you can start to plan the move itself. There are lots of things you can get in place ready for the big move including booking time off work and booking your removal van if you are using one. 

Notify utility companies
You can start to let the utility companies know your new home address and details - this should help ensure that your phone line, internet service, TV licensing and other utilities are in place for the day you move in. 

Get contents insurance
You can get your contents insurance in place so that your possessions are covered not only once in your new house, but during transit, providing you with peace of mind during this potentially stress-full time. 

Start packing
You may not want to pack up your everyday essentials, but you can start packing up the loft and other non-essential items that you can live without for a few weeks. It will help you save time when you get close to move day. 

Redirect your post
Contact Royal Mail and get post redirection on place for your new home – this way you won’t miss any post during the days after you move into your new place. 

A Week Before Move Day
Pack, pack, pack
In the last week you can start packing up some of the items you use more frequently, to make thing easier try and label boxes clearly with the rooms they came from. If there is anything you know you will need early then make sure you write it on the box. 

Defrost your freezer
You’ll want your freezer empty and defrosted for the day you move so make sure you have eaten all you can and defrosted the freezer completely ready for move day. 

Pack a Move Day Box
When you move into your new home make sure you have all essentials ready in a Move Day Box – such as a kettle, tea, coffee, milk, toilet roll, cleaning products and some basic tools to help with furniture assembly.

Organise pet and baby sitters
If you have pets or very young children you might want to arrange for someone to look after them on move day and keep them away from the stress and safe from all the boxes and moving furniture. 

Move Day!
Gas and electric readings
Take down your gas and electric readings of the house you are leaving and the new house – you will need these to make sure you pay the correct final and first bills. 

Last minute clean:
Before you shut the door one last time go around the house, make sure you haven’t missed anything and give it a last minute clean, ready for the new home owners to move in. 

Leave keys and notes for new home owners
If you have new buyers moving into your home you will need to leave out any extra keys for them, including any relevant shed keys, cupboard keys or window keys. You might leave a note to the new owners to explain anything useful for day one. 

Unpack essentials first
Once you have unpacked your Move Day Box make sure you unpack essentials first and get all the appliances in place – you’ll want a bed to sleep in, a sofa to sit on and probably the kitchen appliances up and running so you can start cooking as soon as you want to.

Inform family and friends
Let everyone know that you have now moved and provide them with your new, full address and phone number if applicable. 

Relax and have a toast
You’re finally in! Sit back (on the sofa you have hopefully unpacked) and relax with a toast – ‘To the New House’.

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