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Looking for primary school teaching resources this term?

Sep 16, 2016


If you need some inspirational resources and activities for your primary school class this term, here are 9 useful sites which may help you plan engaging activities for your students. Twinkl Teaching Resources

Packed with unique, teacher-created planning materials and teaching resources, Twinkl covers all subjects in primary years, including substantial material in maths and science  - from early years foundation stage though to key stage 4, including SEN and EAL. download

One of the most popular teaching resource websites in the UK, the TES offers an extensive range of shared teaching resources covering all years’ subjects, including resources for students with special needs. It includes everything from maths and science resources to classroom toolkits, and has a vast amount of shared content from other teachers. Primary Resources

Covering a wide range of subjects, you can browse through pages of relevant resources – from English and maths, to science, ICT and PE. It includes resources and assessment sheets to cover all primary years, from 1 to 6. e99b9e_612323aac5b249749ac0f3895c6101c0

This new website provides a host of resources for use with smart boards. Covering all primary ages from 4 through to 11, there are over a thousand high quality, educational resources that can add depth to any primary school maths and science lesson, and can be used on interactive whiteboards, computers or tablets. primar1

This site provides a mix of free downloadable resources as well as useful resources and packs which can be purchased – such as letter sound cards and classroom organisers. Includes a wide range of free resources, including lots of useful posters on a range of subjects. teach-it

You can register for free to receive 1000s of free PDFs from TeachitPrimary, as well as accessing paid-for resources in the form of packs and posters. You can search via relevant key stage, individual subjects or seasonal topics. BBC Learning

The BBC website includes a range of free resources for teachers for KS1 and KS2. You can search via subject and there are a range of videos and games available on the site, as well as a BBC Bitesize app for your phone or tablet. tpet1

Teacher’s Pet is packed with resources for primary school teachers. You can subscribe to the site for 12 months and choose from 1000s of resources – broken down into key stages – Early Years & Foundation, KS1 and KS2 - as well as topics, popular and new resources. harriet

Harriet & Violet provides free printable early years resources to help children play and learn. Made for home or for the classroom, teachers and parents can explore resources on everything from alphabet strips and displays to phonics, maths and French.

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