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10 ways to freshen up your home this summer

Jul 14, 2016


If you feel like your home needs ‘freshening up’ but you don’t want to spend too much money – or redecorate from top to bottom, then here are 10 ideas that can quickly and inexpensively transform and brighten up your home this summer.

Spring clean
It may be summer but the best way to start any freshen-up of your home is to spring clean it from top to bottom – the windows, doors, doorframes, skirting boards and every nook and cranny you can find. It might take a while, but for the cost of a few cleaning products you can wipe the slate clean ready for your new look.

De-clutter and organise
Once you have cleaned then it’s time to de-clutter – and be ruthless. Throw away clothes you haven’t worn for a year, take old books to charity shops if you’re not going to read them again, clear some of your shelves and wardrobes and organise the bookshelves – de-cluttering and organising your belongings will help with the next steps of creating a new-look home for summer.

Accessorise your shelves
Now you’ve cleared some space, add some accessories to your shelves - new ornaments, pictures, plants or artwork, for example. Adding some new bits and bobs to the shelves can make them look and feel new and different.

Move it all about
A quick way to make your room feel and look different is to move the furniture around – change the location of the sofa, move the coffee table – in rooms where the furniture is fixed, like the kitchen, try moving around the appliances instead – the kettle to a new worktop, the microwave to the other side of the kitchen. This will help the room feel new, without much change.

Paint a feature wall
If you don’t mind doing a little bit of painting or DIY then painting a feature wall in one or two rooms can help transform the room; especially if you pick a new, vibrant colour to brighten up the walls. Just a couple of walls throughout the house can transform the feel of the rooms.

Spruce up the woodwork
If you have the paint out then take a little extra step and spruce up the woodwork. This can make the room feel fresh and new. The doorframes, skirting board and coving could all be given a thin lick of white paint to brighten it up and make the room look good-as-new.

Treat yourself to new cushions and throws
Exchange some of your older cushions and throws for new ones  - new colours, designs and fabrics can make a world of difference, and if you tie them in with a new painted wall and some re-arranged furniture, your room could look completely different.

Upcycle a piece of furniture or two
If you’re feeling creative, you could try upcycling some of your furniture  - repainting your wardrobe and changing the handles will change its look entirely – as will sanding down a painted table to plain wood, or covering your coffee table with vintage paper designs.

Decorate with flowers
Bring the outdoors indoors with some flowers and plants to help transform the feel of a room – freshly cut flowers on the table and pot plants on shelves and window sills can bring in a splash of colour, helping create a feel of the blossoming summer outside – in your own home.

Invest in some artwork
It doesn’t have to be expensive, but a few bright and beautiful pictures on your walls can add a splash of colour and excitement to any room – treat yourself to some new pictures and swap over any old, tired looking art to help brighten up the feel and look of any room in your home.

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