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Top ten teacher blogs

Feb 09, 2016

There are hundreds of teacher blogs on the internet designed to inspire, inform and motivate you – written by teachers, for teachers. Here, we look at ten of the most popular in the UK.

Teachers Toolkit   Teacher Toolkit
This website is run by Ross McGill, an award-winning deputy head teacher working in North London.  One of the most popular blogs on the web, he writes about everything from leadership habits to keeping safe on social media. 

The Learning Spy  Learning Spy
David Didau runs this blog which is widely recognised as one of the most influential education blogs in the UK. In 2015 the site celebrated its one millionth visitor. The site covers everything from a definition of learning to Edtech.

Head Guru Teacher  headguru
Written by Tom Sherrington, a head teacher and teacher in London, this site explores contemporary ideas in teaching and learning and school leadership. He writes about everything from ideas for teaching to grading lessons.

Magical Maths  header
This blog is a fun and friendly site that was set up in early 2007 to act as a learning hub for teachers around the world. The site receives thousands of visits per day, and has developed into an influential educational site where educators across the globe share resources and strategies.

Laura McInerney  laura1
This site is run by Laura McInerey. Laura taught in East London for six years and now works as the editor of education newspaper Schools Week, she also writes for The Guardian. Her specialism is in looking at government policies and explaining exactly how they will impact teachers, pupils, parents and the wider school community.

Guardian Secret Teacher’s Blog  the_guardian
The Secret Teacher Blog in The Guardian is an anonymous blog where teachers can tell it like it is. It examines a range of topics of interest for teachers  - from looking at Ofsted inspections to parents evening.

 ICTEvangelist  ictevangelistbannerblue
Another award-winning blog, this site is run by Mark Anderson, a former assistant head teacher and ICT teacher. With more than 20 years experience in schools, Mark writes about everything from essential Chromebook tools to making an impact with edtech in your classroom. 

Learning with ‘e’s learning_es
This site is written by Steve Wheeler, an Associate Professor of learning technology at Plymouth University. He relays his thoughts about learning technology and all things digital. He covers everything from social media use to extreme learning.

The Whiteboard Blog  logo
This blog is written by Danny Nicholson, an experienced teacher with over 15 years teaching/training experience in primary, secondary and special schools all over the UK. He writes about everything from the use of ICT in science to digital storytelling in class.

Resourceaholic  resourceholic
This blog is filled with ideas and resources for teaching secondary mathematics. With everything from Star Wars puzzles to mathematical handwriting, it’s an award winning blog for all things maths.

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