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Five energy-saving tips that could help you save money

Aug 20, 2015


With autumn fast-approaching, it will soon be time to start thinking about switching on the heating. As the bills creep up, there are a few steps you can take to help save money on your energy costs

1. Turn the heating down

According to uSwitch, you could save up to £60 a year if you turn your thermostat down by 1°C. What’s more, if your curtains are drawn at night and you use draft excluders under your doors, you could help to prevent the heat from escaping – with a 1°C reduction, you probably won’t notice the difference.

2. Insulate

According to the Energy Saving Trust, better insulation could save you between £25 and £50 a year. Try to seal gaps around windows and doors to stop heat escaping and draughts getting in, and investigate your loft to see if you could be eligible for free loft insulation under the Energy Company Obligations (ECO) scheme. 

3. Turn appliances off at the wall

Leaving electrical equipment on standby drains electricity unnecessarily, and you could save around £30 a year just by turning appliances off at the wall. Even phone chargers plugged into a socket that’s switched on use a small amount of energy, so remember to unplug chargers when they’re not in use. What seems like a tiny change could make up an average of 6% of an annual bill, according to British Gas.

4. Change your light bulbs

Lighting accounts for about 3% of electricity usage, according to The Cambridge Housing Model. By swapping your existing lightbulbs to energy-saving ones, you could save up to around £100 over the bulb’s lifetime. Remembering to turn lights off when you leave a room can also make a big difference. 

5. Getting the best from your appliances

Investing in energy-efficient appliances can save you money. You could reduce your electric oven costs by 40% by choosing an A* rated electric oven, according to the Energy Saving Trust. You could also save money by turning down the temperature of your wash cycle and the settings on your fridge and freezer: according to energy experts, refrigerators and freezers set just a few degrees lower can cut down on energy use by as much as 25%.

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