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Top tips for a smooth move

Jun 04, 2015

Packing up your entire home and moving it somewhere new means that moving home is always going to be a crazy time.  However, there are things you can do to make it go more smoothly. Here are some top tips for a successful moving day.

  1. Gather the troops

    Many hands make light work, so don’t be afraid to ask friends and family if they can help on the day. From making the tea to helping carry furniture, the more helpers you have, the easier it will be. If people are getting in each other’s way then try and assign individual tasks to everyone to help it run more smoothly.

  2. Ensure you have parking

    You’ll want to park your van as close to your property as possible, so check the parking – if you have a shared drive, maybe speak to the neighbour and ask if it can be clear on the day. If you have street parking, try to reserve some space so that you can park conveniently outside.

  3. Take it one room at a time

    Packing and unpacking all your belongings can seem daunting, so try to take it one room at a time. By focussing on one room, you can see the progress as one room is packed up, making the whole task seem more manageable.

  4. Arrange child and pet care on moving day

    Young children and animals can get in the way when you are carrying furniture and moving heavy boxes. The last thing you want to do is trip over your toddler or dog and drop the household dinner set, so it might be easier to arrange child and pet care for the day.

  5. Label your boxes

    Before you load the boxes into the van, try to ensure they are all labelled so you know which room to put them in. It will make the unpacking easier and quicker if everything is in its correct place at the start.  If you don’t have time to write down all the rooms onto the boxes, try colour coding, e.g. a red cross for the kitchen, a blue one for the lounge.

  6. Make time for a final check

    Ever get that nagging feeling that you’ve forgotten something? Try to banish any worries by walking around your old property one last time when it’s completely empty - check in cupboards and drawers and take a final peek in the loft and garage. You can then drive away confident that you haven’t left anything behind.

  7. Make a box of essentials

    Remember that moving day is hectic and you may not be able to find anything easily. Try making up a box of essentials that you will need straight away when you move into your new home – everything from cleaning products to a kettle and tea bags.

  8. Remember, you need to eat!

You’ve probably been running your freezer and cupboards empty in the run up to moving day, so you may not be fully stocked. If you can, try to plan ahead and order a food delivery for the day of your move. You can fill your cupboards and refuel whilst you unpack.

If you are thinking of moving home and need a mortgage, contact a member of our mortgage team on 0800 378 669 or visit our mortgage page.

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