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Ten tips to help sell your home

Apr 24, 2015

If you are thinking of moving up the property ladder then you may need to sell your existing home first. But what things should you consider before putting your house on the market? Here are ten top tips to help you sell your home in order to help you move onto your dream property.

1. Make your home appealing

According to some statistics it takes just 15 seconds for someone to decide whether to buy your home.  First impressions count, so spruce up your property’s kerb appeal – tidy up the front garden, paint the fence, clear the path, even paint your front door if it needs it. Your home needs to impress from the start.

2. Neutralise the pinks and purples

If you love colour and have it splashed all over your walls then think about repainting in a more neutral shade. Some people find it hard to envision their furniture in a house with purple walls and pink carpets. Buyers like a blank canvas so better to us more neutral shades (such as cream and white).

3. Have a clear out and de-clutter

Make your home look as spacious as possible by de-cluttering. Clear the worktops and table tops – use only a few objects to decorate. Clutter can make your home look smaller than it really is and can detract the eye of buyers. Also try and keep family photos to a minimum:  the buyer needs to imagine their family living there – not yours.

4. Clear out your closets

Don’t fill your closets to overflowing capacity. If a buyer opens a cupboard to check out the storage space, you don’t want to bury them under a falling tower of towels or old toys. Buyers like to know how much storage they might have, so be prepared for them to have a nose inside.

5. Do up your garden

A good, well-kept garden can add value to your property and make it more appealing,  so give your garden a makeover to make it sparkle – but keep it low-maintenance. Not everyone is Alan Titchmarsh. Buyers might want a nice garden but may not be prepared to put in the hours to maintain it.

6. Bring in more light

Make sure your home isn’t dark and dingy. Natural light will brighten up your room and appeal to more buyers: open the curtains, clean the windows, cut back any bushes that obscure light from your home. The more light you can get flowing into your home the better.

7. Fix it and paint it

Make any repairs that you can – fix the broken curtain pole, reattach the loose piece of skirting board, paint the big scratch in the wall made when you moved the chest of drawers. Try and make everything look newer and fresher. Buyers will guess at the cost of making repairs to your home and this will affect the price they are willing to pay.

8. Take the dog for a walk

Your beloved dog or cat may take pride of place in your home but dog or cat beds, food dishes and litter trays can put potential non-animal lovers off. Hide the food bowls and litter trays if you can and when potential buyers are coming around take the dog for a walk.

9. Appeal to the senses

Ever been told to bake some bread when someone comes around to see your house? This is because property experts claim that aromas of baking bread or making coffee can make a home feel warm and welcoming, helping you to convince potential buyers that your house is somewhere they could call home.

10. Make the kitchen your project

The kitchen is arguably the most important room in your house. If you are going to spend any money on your house then make the kitchen your project – make it shine and the house will shine too. A good kitchen also adds value to your property so could boost your asking price.

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