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The key to a new home is Help to Buy

May 21, 2013

A chance meeting on a night out proved momentous for PE teachers Mark Adamczyk and Joanna Nugent. Their relationship blossomed and the only challenge was working out how to move from separate rented accommodation to their own home. Working in secondary schools in different areas – Mark in Wolverhampton and Joanna in Stockport – the sensible way forward was to find somewhere in between the two.

Like many aspiring first-time buyers, saving up a deposit while paying rent and managing the cost of living was no easy task. So, when developers Taylor Wimpey told Mark and Joanna about the FirstBuy scheme (now known as Help to Buy) and the availability of a no-deposit mortgage from Teachers Building Society, the dream of buying their own home began to be realised. 

“The new development in Stoke on Trent was an ideal location for our jobs but we just couldn’t save up a deposit” explains Mark. “We registered for the FirstBuy scheme with Orbit, the regional agents, and then started speaking to Sue Bragg at Teachers Building Society about applying for a mortgage.”

Everything went to plan and the mortgage application was accepted, but then Mark and Joanna had a development of an entirely different kind – Joanna discovered that she was pregnant! “It was a big shock when we found out that the mortgage had to be reassessed on the basis of Joanna’s maternity pay,” says Mark. “Sue was really helpful, though. We kept asking ‘What can we do?’ as we didn’t want to lose our new home. Luckily, the developer reduced the asking price and it took just a couple of weeks to sort it out and agree the new mortgage terms.”

Mark and Joanna were hoping to be in their new home by August, but the development was delayed due to the wet weather. “We had to move in with Joanna’s parents while we waited for the house to be completed. We’d bought new furniture and had to store it with our families. We really wanted to move in before our baby was born but in the end, Pixie Sophia arrived a couple of weeks before we were able to pick up the keys.”

Despite the hiccups along the way, Mark and Joanna are delighted to be in their own home and are very happy with the service they received from Teachers. Mark says, “I was constantly in touch with Sue as I had a lot of questions and she was so helpful.”

Mark, Joanna and Pixie have now settled into their 3 bedroom house. “It’s amazing,” says Mark. “We started house hunting over a year ago now and such a lot has happened in between. But we always recommend Teachers Building Society to our colleagues as we know it would have taken years to buy our own home without Teachers and the FirstBuy scheme.”


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