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Moving Checklist

Jan 31, 2011

Moving home can be a stressful time, but with a bit of organisation you could minimise the anxiety.

Here’s our checklist to help you achieve a smooth move:

Six to four weeks before the move



Confirm the date of your move


If you're renting, notify your landlord of your moving date


Check your home insurance - make sure you have cover from the day you move in to your new home.


Obtain written quotes from several removal firms. Get references and check the limits of their insurance.


If you're not using professional removers, ask friends to help and start collecting boxes and packaging materials


Book extra storage space if required.


Notify the relevant utility companies of your departure.


Start getting rid of possessions you no longer need.


If you need new furniture or carpets - order them now and arrange delivery for when you move in.


Check parking arrangements at both homes.


Review your financial arrangements to see if you could save money on insurance, etc.


Have a good sort out and get rid of any unwanted items by having a car boot sale, selling on Ebay or donating to charity. Clear the loft or garage.


Start running down your food and household supplies – don’t fall for ‘3 for 2’ offers unless you know you’ll use the goods before the move.


Arrange for your gas appliances to be disconnected professionally.


Check with your insurer that you have cover for your belongings in transit.


Two weeks before moving


Start packing non-essential items such as books and non-seasonal clothes into boxes.


De-register from your doctor, dentist and optician if you're moving out of the area.


Visit the post office and arrange for your post to be forwarded (you will be charged a fee for this service).


Notify your milkman and newspaper shop that you'll be moving and give them a date you want the service to stop.


If you have children or pets, arrange for someone to look after them during the move.


Make a list of everyone who should know about the move. Send out change of address e-cards.


Finalise arrangements with your removal company. Confirm arrival times and make sure your removers have directions to your new address.


Arrange a time to collect the keys for your new home from the estate agent.


Notify your bank of any changes to direct debits and standing orders.


Run down freezer contents


Notify TV licence and passport offices and DVLA - you must update your driving licence and vehicle log book


Two days before moving


Defrost and clean the fridge and freezer. If you are transporting food in your freezer, turn it up to full power


If you’re doing it yourself, take down fittings and mirrors and dismantle large items where possible


Finish packing and begin cleaning


One day before moving


Assemble a ‘survival pack’ containing the kettle, tea, coffee, sugar, mugs, snacks, toilet roll, bin liners, washing up liquid/bowl, tea towels, fuses, screwdriver, pliers, overnight clothes and toiletries


Separate valuables and important documents ready for you to hand-carry on moving day


Disconnect the power and water from your washing machine if you’re taking it


Withdraw some cash for tips and emergencies


Finish the cleaning and have a final check over the home.


Moving day


Take gas, electricity and water meter final readings


Take down your satellite dish if it’s going with you.


Take down any curtains or blinds that are going with you.


Collect the keys to your new home and give your removers a spare, if possible.


In your new home


Check the smoke alarms


Take gas, electricity and water meter readings


Arrange to have any gas appliances serviced


Register with a new doctor, dentist and vet as soon as possible


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