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Cathy's Story

Cathy Parker has held mortgages with Teachers Building Society for over two decades. She is now living in her fifth property and remains a loyal customer. Here, she tells us why great customer service is key.

Cathy took out her first mortgage with Teachers when she was 21 and wanted to buy her first home. A local resident, she had grown up in Dorset and contacted us when she was looking to get onto the property ladder, “I contacted Teachers when I needed my first mortgage and thankfully they were able to help,” she said.
Since her first house purchase, Cathy has moved a number of times. Not only is she still with Teachers, but every one of her mortgages has been too - for over 22 years.

“Your service is why I have stayed with you for so many years with further mortgages and advances. Life is busy and you made it simple to sort out my mortgage. It’s difficult juggling work and raising a family, so I don’t think there is anything else quite like Teachers – you adapt to what I need. When I needed telephone interviews, an advisor was able to contact me on my work number at a time convenient to me. When I was looking for further advances, Teachers made it easy and everything I asked for, Teachers was able to do.

“You gave me one person to deal with too, which was really important. I always spoke to the same person – Jo Enticknap. She was amazing, everything she said she would do, she did; if she said she would phone, she phoned, if I filled out anything incorrectly, she would call me and talk me through it. She was lovely and never let me down. She was very professional and always overestimated the time needed for any phone calls, which was great because it allowed me to manage my time. I can’t say enough good things about her. You don’t get passed around from pillar to post and if she was going to be on holiday, she would let me know so I knew who my point of contact would be.”

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For Cathy, it’s important that she is provided with all the information she needs about her mortgage without having to request or search for it, “Working and raising a family means you are constantly struggling to find enough time, but whenever my deal expires and there is a new offer, Teachers writes to me and lets me know. All information is readily available and provided for me when I need it - it just makes everything easier.”

She adds, “When my husband wanted to buy his business building, we contacted Teachers first, and once again you were able to help.”

“With everything you have to do in life, with all the bills – internet, mobile phones, cars and insurances, there is so much paperwork to sort out that having all the mortgage information sent to me when I need it is great.” When Cathy filled out a customer survey form her feedback was short but to the point, summing up her experience with Teachers over the years.

She simply wrote, “Don’t change, and thank you.”

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