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Supporting Local Schools

The 'My' Life Schools Project is a quality development programme that was rolled out across schools in Dorset in 2015.

What is the 'My' Life Programme?

The programme supports schools in providing quality workshops and materials that enable young students to explore their skills, motivation and dreams for the future, preparing them for the workplace. The workshops, which take place over an entire day and cater for up to 30 students per time, took place in 10 Dorset-based schools in 2015 ​and continue to roll out to more schools and students today.

In 2015, staff from Teachers Building Society attended each workshop as mentors, working alongside staff from Destination Education and AFCB Community Trust. In 2016 new partners pledged support for the programme and the ‘My’ Life workshops have now taken place at RockReef in Bournemouth, The Dolphin Centre, Hamworthy Firestation and Bournemouth Rugby Club. 

The ‘My’ Life programme provides Teachers Building Society with a perfect opportunity to support local schools and teachers in a practical way, by providing students with the opportunity to explore their future life and employment choices and inspire them to fulfil their ambitions. 

As well as providing funding, staff from Teachers Building Society also proudly attend the workshops as mentors, alongside staff from Destination Education and supporting partners.

What Created the Need?
The Schools Project was created following research by Smart Development Solutions that showed a need for additional career guidance for young students, and high unemployment levels among school leavers. Following the success of the programme, Smart Development Solutions created Destination Education, a Community Interest Company which now serves the schools market on a not-for-profit basis, delivering the workshops.


End Result:
Many schools opted to send students who would really benefit from the programmes and who needed the extra guidance in helping them to think about their abilities, their future and a possible career. 

Feedback from students and teachers and partners regarding their involvement in the programme has been a resounding success. Feedback show that those attending felt a real benefit to the day – helping them to identify their values and what motivates then, helping to identify their skills and aiding them in gaining a clearer visions for the future. 

What the students had to say:

 “I now understand my skills and what I need to improve about myself. I know I can change and develop these things about myself and it will help me understand how I can become a better person” 

"I learned that I can do anything if I set my mind to it."

"It will help me become who I want to be in the future."

"This was great, thank you."

So far the programmes have taken place at Ferndown Upper School, Queen Elizabeth School, The Bishop of Winchester Academy, Avonbourne College, Harewood College, Corfe Hills, Lychett Minster, Poole High, Ringwood School and St. Aldhelms Academy.