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"One thing about Teachers Building Society is that we can let people be who they really are, and if they care about their colleagues and they care about their customers, this is the place they need to be." - Jo McLean, HR Manager.

What we do...

We are a specialist, award-winning building society based in Wimborne, Dorset, and were founded back in 1966 to help teachers own their own homes. That aim still holds true today, and we are committed to helping everyone from first-time buyers to retired teachers achieve their property goal.

Who we are...

Our team is full of skilled, hard working and passionate individuals who care about the people they work with and for. With nearly 50 years of service under our belt, we have created an altruistic, family-like atmosphere in which new members of the team are welcomed with open arms (and a considerable amount of cake).

We believe in nurturing talent. This is why many of our newest recruits are school leavers and each staff member has a regular chat with their manager to discuss their own personal development, whether that includes additional qualifications or simply having a go at something new.

What we can offer you...

What we need from you...


Surprisingly Different

Member Services

"I've worked here for 37 years and have built up a great relationship with a lot of our customers as well as the people in my team. I love being able to make a difference to people and I feel like at Teachers, everyone treats others as they would like to be treated themselves."

Mortgage Advisor

“It sounds really clichéd, but there is a genuine family atmosphere here and I love the people I work with. I started off as a screener and have worked my way up to my current advisor role - I’m really grateful for all the support Teachers has given me along the way.”

Mortgage Advisor

“Even though it was several years ago, I remember my first day at Teachers really clearly as I was so surprised at how friendly and warm the place was. Everyone was genuinely interested in me and each person took the time to get to know me, support me and help me settle into my role.”

Member Services

“We’re definitely different, especially from a customer service point of view. I know just from personal experience that because of the customer service we offer here, I’m quite particular about the service that I receive when I go to other places.”

Finance Director

“Our staff like working here and helping teachers to own their own home and build a better life. We want to give teachers a very personal and friendly service and, as part of a small team, every person can make a big difference to our success."

Sales Support

“I’m currently working as Sales Support but have been given the chance to progress and become a mortgage advisor. Just through holding this role for two years, I’ve been able to really improve my confidence, and I’m happy that the Society has chose to support me and help me develop in my career.”

Knowing me, knowing you

Inspired by the work of psychologists Carl Gustav Jung and Jolande Jacobi, the colour profiling courses run by the Insights Group have been designed with the aim of helping everyone to better understand themselves and others. Each new member of the Teachers Building Society team will be assessed to reveal their dominant traits (represented by one of the four ‘colour energies’) and ​will be sponsored through several training courses to understand their strengths and weaknesses as well as the most effective methods of communication with others.

We think this is a great way of getting to know your colleagues as well as yourself, and will continue to partake in this programme throughout the coming years.

Employee Engagement

Every few months, each member of the team is invited to come along to a coffee session at one of the local cafés with the HR Manager. We’ll treat you to a coffee and a cake, and will invite you to share your honest opinions about the workplace, your team and any recent events or changes that may have taken place.

We also invest in a bi-annual engagement survey and a monthly staff suggestion box so that you can submit your thoughts and ideas. This helps us to embrace an ongoing change culture in which the staff are at the heart of everything that we do.

Read all about it...

Every quarter, our marvellous marketers produce an internal staff newsletter ​featuring the main events of the last few months. This includes monthly competitions, a 'meet the newbie' section, employee of the month nominees and a few snippets of the latest industry highlights. 

Making a difference

The ‘My’ Life ‘My’ Career Schools Project is a quality development programme which was introduced to local schools in 2015 with Teachers Building Society as the lead sponsor. The programme supports schools by providing career advice and guidance through a group of mentors, preparing students for the workplace. The mentors from Teachers Building Society who have attended these sessions found them to be very rewarding, aiding their own personal development and helping them to understand the challenges facing young people today.

Schools Project

Feedback from students and teachers regarding their involvement in the programme has been a resounding success. Some feedback showed that those attending felt that they had benefited hugely from the day, and that it helped them to identify their skills ​as well as ​a clearer idea of what they wanted to do in the future.

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